What is NCLN?

  • National Campus Life Network is the only national organization that exists to educate, network and support post-secondary pro-life students across Canada. We work to maximize the promotion and effectiveness of the pro-life message on campus, while minimizing the excess work for busy students.
  • Nowhere is there a greater urgency for the pro-life message than on the university campus. The university is the place where the ideas and values of our society take root. An active pro-life presence is needed to promote ideas and values that embrace the objective truth that all human life is worthy of protection.

How do we do it?

NCLN works to promote the formation of new pro-life educational campus clubs and assists already-formed clubs through:


  1. Face-to-face campus visits that include pro-life apologetics.
  2. Resources specifically tailored for the university environment.
  3. An annual national Symposium.


  1. An interactive Facebook group.
  2. Listing of campus groups.
  3. An annual national Symposium with student leaders from across the country.


  1. How-to guides for running a club.
  2. Continual contact between NCLN Staff and students.
  3. Leadership and skills development.


Why is campus life advocacy important?

  • Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders:
    1. Popular campus philosophy does not affirm the inherent dignity of the human person.
    2. The university environment significantly impacts one’s view on abortion. In an Angus Reid Poll that was conducted in June 2008, support for abortion in any circumstance jumps from a minority, 33% of high school graduates, to a majority, 66% of university graduates.
  • This age demographic is most impacted:
    1. 54.4% of all abortions are performed on university aged women (18-29 years) according to Statistics Canada.
    2. Students often feel that they must choose between school or parenting.
  • We advocate: a world where everyone has a true right to life, even if they are labelled “defective” or “unwanted.” Where everyone is valued for who they are, not for what they can do.

When did we begin?

In January of 1997, the National Campus Life Network was formed by a group of 40 post-secondary students who organized and attended the first annual National Symposium in Toronto. The goal was to equip pro-life students across the country for campus life advocacy, and network them with each other and the broader pro-life movement.

Today the National Campus Life Network supports over 30 pro-life campus groups across Canada. NCLN plays an important role in mentoring new leaders into the pro-life movement.