Our Mission and Vision

Formed by students and for students, National Campus Life Network (NCLN) is the heart of the Pro-Life Student Movement in Canada. NCLN equips students to build a campus culture that respects and upholds the value and equality of all human life from fertilization to natural death; these students will in turn transform society, as they go on to lead in their future fields, careers, communities and families.

Why Campuses?

Campuses are critical ground for any social movement that wishes to influence culture. We focus on campuses in order to:

  • reach those most vulnerable to abortion
  • form leaders on campus and beyond
  • transform culture
  • But perhaps most importantly, campuses are filled with our peers and, in the day-to-day encounters on campus, we're not only thinking of the future - we are also thinking of the person in front of us right now. We are active on campuses for them and for their children. We are speaking up to save the next generation by reaching our own generation.

    What is the most effective way to reach campuses?


    Through students.

    Students are:


    Students are on campuses. They are in the classes, clubs, and coffee shops of the demographic that needs to be reached. They have unparalleled access and opportunities to reach and impact their campus.


    They are their peers. They are relatable to this demographic, speaking the same language, and understanding where they’re coming from.


    Because of their presence and peer relationship, students have influence on their campuses. They bring truth and love to a desperate place, lighting up a culture so often overcome with darkness. Their words and compassion are touching and changing hearts and minds, and their action on campus is saving lives.

    Pro-life students who are equipped and empowered as leaders make a real impact on their campus.

    Pro-life students who are formed as leaders on campus continue to act as pro-life leaders after graduation, in fields as diverse as healthcare, education, public affairs, the law, ministry, business, and more: they are continuing to reach and impact all areas of our culture.

    The NCLN Difference

    National Campus Life Network is the heart of Canada’s Pro-Life Student Movement.

    Our team members all possess campus leadership experience, as well as experience in working with clubs nationally, and we continue to stress a ‘boots on the ground’ approach, with our campus visits allowing us to

    1) support, train and mentor students directly and
    2) engage with the culture to continue improving and developing our strategies, ensuring we are as effective as possible in the dynamic and evolving campus environment.

    Through our Outreach program, we provide students with the training, resources, strategies, campaigns and projects that they need to reach their peers effectively.

    Our Leadership program is designed to form and mentor students leaders so that they are able to recruit and build active clubs on campus and represent the pro-life position in a compassionate and winsome way. Through regional training events, the Annual National Symposium, and one-on-one mentoring, we help students set and reach goals, address challenging situations, and develop their natural strengths and abilities.

    “A university campus can be a very difficult place to express pro-life views. I applaud NCLN for working to give pro-life students a voice. I encourage young people to passionately and peacefully share their views despite facing opposition. It is the work we do today that will bring us a better tomorrow. ”   Rod Bruinooge, MP, Winnipeg South; Chair, Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus

    “All across the country, NCLN works to educate students, faculty and community leaders on human life issues. Through their work, NCLN equips students with factual information concerning abortion and women`s health and supports pregnant and parenting students on campuses across Canada. By its creative leadership among campus clubs, NCLN is developing a young movement of dedicated and resilient advocates for life, inquiry and equity.”  The deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Research

    “I heartily recommend the National Campus Life Network. It is because of them that in 1999 I heard speaker Scott Klussendorf present, who convicted me to do full-time pro-life work. I have since watched them grow as an organization and become a premier resource for equipping and helping students be a pro-life voice on their campuses. They are professional, effective and winsome and worthy of the Pro-Life Movement’s complete support.”  Stephanie Gray, co-founder of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform