Josh MacMillan

Campus Coordinator – The GTA and Eastern Canada

Josh MacMillan
Raised in small-town southwestern Ontario and growing up in a pro-life family, the pro-life movement seemed relatively distant from daily experience. It was at the advice of a friend that he attended the March for Life in Ottawa, and was struck by the reality of abortion in even our nation’s capital and the need for everyone to take action immediately and end the injustice. Upon entering studies at the University of Waterloo, he immediately took the opportunity to join the campus pro-life club, and by second year was on the executive team. With the help of NCLN, he was able to confidently face many challenges, including costumed protestors shutting down an event with MP Stephen Woodworth in 2013 and campus censorship. By the end of university, the dedication of the NCLN team to the success of UW Students for Life during his studies inspired him to join staff with NCLN and continue the legacy of building student leaders in the pro-life movement.

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