Michelle Caluag

Campus Coordinator – Toronto and GTA, Eastern Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes

Michelle CaluagA year after Michelle and her family moved to Canada from the Philippines, she was saddened to learn the current status of abortion in the country.  In grade 12, at her first National March for Life in Ottawa she felt both moved to stand up against abortion, and at the same time, hopeless – it seemed too big of an issue for her to face, and she didn’t think there’s something that could be done to change the culture. Despite this, her desire to further deepen her understanding of the issue kept her motivated to join the pro-life club at the University of Toronto in her 2nd year university.

Through the club, she became more articulate and confident in sharing the pro-life message with her peers, and said yes to become the president in her 3rd and 4th years. With the help of her exec team and NCLN, Michelle was able to bring the pro-life message to many students at the University of Toronto and to motivate others to become active and convicted pro-life advocates. More importantly, as she witnessed hearts and minds change through conversations, she soon realized that the pro-life cause is not a hopeless case. She graduated in 2016 with an Honours of Bachelors of Science in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences and considers her involvement with the University of Toronto Students for Life (UTSFL) as one of the biggest highlights of her undergrad experience.

Her leadership experience with UTSFL led her to join NCLN as one of the new Campus Coordinators in 2016. She now mentors and supports pro-life students from different universities in Ontario and Quebec. By sharing her story and experience, she aims to inspire fellow pro-life students to be active pro-lifers. By taking the steps to building campuses that respect life from fertilization to natural death, she has more hope fore the pro-life cause than ever before.

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