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Youth Protecting Youth: Exposing the Truth on Campus

This post was written for Youth Protecting Youth by YPY Info Officer. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

by Kamilah Thorpe
Sometimes the truth is hard to take. Everyone knows that. The need to accept reality for what it is is part of our human existence. We have to take the rainy days for what they are and when the number on our weight scale is not what we wish it was, we just have to deal with it. But what happens when we deny reality? What happens when someone tries to hide the truth? What happens when the voices of those trying to expose the realities of violence and injustice are forcibly silenced? Many people are offended and disgusted by the horrible images of aborted fetuses that YPY members have chosen to expose to the public. It is because of this that the University of Victoria has taken many measures to censor YPY.
 I myself am horrified and disgusted by the images and will be the last person to deny that they can be emotionally traumatizing. But they are true. I look forward to the day when people will remember those pictures as something terrible that used to happen in our country. But today it is still happening. If we keep denying the truth we will never change and we will never heal. That is why YPY members have always fought, and will continue to fight, for their right to freedom of expression at UVic. It is silly to hide from a weight scale. But it is a serious problem when we hide from the injustice and violence that takes place in our country every day.

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