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Alumni Interview: Cassie Farrell!

Transferring from Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy into Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, Cassie Farrell has had a double dose of campus pro-life activism! Through her years at both schools, Cassie remained actively involved in the student pro-life movement, and continues to remain an active witness for the unborn as an alumni. 


Campus(es): Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, Holy Cross College at Notre Dame
Graduating year: 2012
Area of study: History, Philosophy
ProLife Club name: The Paul Sanders and Janine Lieu Pro-Life Club, Saints for Life
Years involved: 2007-2012
You were involved in pro-life work on more than one campus — what did your involvement on each look like? How were they different?
Leading a pro-life group on the OLSWA campus was an interesting experience given that the entire student body was either part of the club, or was at least supportive of the cause. The club was also in its inaugural stages given that it was started in the fall of 2007, and underwent several leadership changes following the tragic loss of founding members Paul Sanders and Janine Lieu, for whom the club is named. Local activism and supporting neighboring university pro-life groups was the emphasis, along with informing the student body on the broader pro-life issue and apologetics.  Being a pro-lifer is good, but being an informed pro-lifer who can articulate and argue for the cause of life is better. Leading Saints for Life was an entirely different experience, since the campus was much more of a mixed bag of many dissenting opinions, was much larger, and has an abortion facility within walking distance of the campus. This led me to employ entirely new methods while growing the club – including postering campaigns, holding regular vigil at the local abortion facility, sidewalk counseling, holding apologetics training for club members, debating students and professors, organizing attendance at the March for Life in DC, as well as holding special events including movie nights, and hosting guest speakers. My time at OLSWA definitely prepared me for what was to come at Holy Cross College, and I was always very busy!
What impacted you the most about campus pro-life activism?
I was pulled into pro-life activism by Paul Sanders and Janine Lieu, and they influenced me to persevere in this cause for life. I would have remained very ignorant if it wasn’t for them, and I would not have cared to do anything about abortion if they hadn’t brought it to my attention. My time spent outside of abortion mills was also formative, and being on the front-lines solidified my beliefs and ideas about the horror of abortion and the injustice it is to women and femininity. Dialogue with those who disagreed with me, and witnessing changes of heart as well as stubborn refusal to conform to reality also spoke volumes about human nature in general, and was a valuable lesson moving forward.  
How does your past involvement in campus pro-life work affect your activities today?
I am always ready and willing to defend life – no  matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing. I am always prepared to speak up. 
Would you encourage current pro-life students to get involved in campus activism? What is the main reason why?
Of course I would! If abortion is what we say it is, then the only response is to act. If you don’t act, then I would re-evaluate what you’re thinking and what you’re doing. Not to mention that abortion is too common in the undergrad demographic, and there could be babies in your immediate midst who need you! Have courage,  because you have something to offer and you are needed!
We admire you for your dedication and leadership, Cassie! Thank you for your willingness to be a bold advocate for the unborn in every environment you’ve found yourself in!
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