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Director of Digital Media and Promotions!

By Kathleen Dunn

Hey students! 

It might be old news to most of you that I’ve been working for NCLN. (Old news, but AWESOME news.) For the past year, I’ve had the incredible blessing of working for this fantastic organization as the Assistant Western Campus Coordinator. Out in beautiful BC, I worked alongside our Western Campus Coordinator, Anastasia Pearse, to serve our western Canada students.

Kathleen working on NCLN promo materials with her newborn Godson. (:

As I got comfortable in my role with NCLN, I quickly gravitated towards the social media and graphic design aspects of NCLN’s work. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to blog lurking, I know this is where our age group spends most of our days! And as such, social media platforms are effective places for the pro-life message to be spread! It’s also a way to get important messages and resources to student leaders.

I’ve loved the opportunity to hone my skills in graphic design while working on promotional and educational materials, both for the web and for print. 

With this particular interest, I served as a Communications Intern in the Toronto office this summer. You may have seen my posts and designs on Facebook as well as promotions for the upcoming Symposium.  I’m now thrilled to announce that NCLN has hired me  as their new Director of Digital Media and Promotions.  This means you’ll be seeing a lot more resources and content online as well as new materials. 

Be sure to Like us on Facebook, share our page and follow us on Twitter (@NCLN) so that you and your fellow students can stay plugged into the pro-life student movement.

As a graduate of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, Kathleen transferred to Trinity Western University in Langley, BC, where she is currently finishing her B.A. degree in Christianity and Culture. In her spare time, Kathleen likes to write, sing and play piano, and smooch her cutest-in-the-world nephew. 

Follow Kathleen Dunn on Twitter @Kathleen_Dunn

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