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Dynamic Duo Speaker Interview: Daniel & Devorah!

535789_233295350142353_854349059_nThis sibling-duo is truly one of a kind. Major advocates and activists in multiple areas of the human rights movement, these two can set a room ablaze with motivation, passion, and action. Those of you who are coming to the Symposium are in for a real treat as Daniel & Devorah get together for a powerhouse session: Winning More Than Arguments. Check out this hilarious interview with the two of them to get a taste of this pair’s chemistry.

1. Why are you excited to speak together at the Symposium?

Daniel Gilman: Devorah is one of my favourite speakers in the pro-life movement and one of the coolest and funnest people I know. She’s one of my best friends and I am pumped to get to share the same stage as her!

Devorah Gilman: Even before we were teenagers, Daniel and I have been trying to make a difference in our culture and politics, encouraging each other in our various pursuits. This is the first time we will be speaking together on the subject of abortion and I am really excited to together share about something we are so passionate about ending.

2. How did you both end up so involved in the Pro-Life Movement?

Devorah: I always knew about abortion, but Daniel was the first one to really bring it to my attention, explaining to me the reality of abortion in our culture. Then after seeing abortion imagery I was convicted that I must do something to end this injustice in my lifetime.

Daniel: Growing up in a Jewish family I was aware of the horrific reality of the holocaust and was resolved to fight against injustice wherever it raised its head. So when as a young child I first heard about abortion I resolved to do something about it. As children, Devorah and I would meet up before her bedtime (she had an earlier bedtime) and we would pray for our friends and the organizations we know that were involved in pro-life work. Then once I got a little bit older I began volunteering at a crisis pregnancy centre.

3. What do you respect most about each other?

Daniel: Her mad dance skills. I’ve never ever won a dance-off against her.  Ok, if I haaaave to pick one thing it is that in the activist world it can be so easy to try to be effective by learning to use other people for one’s own program or cause. Devorah never does that, but rather truly loves and cares about everyone, including her colleagues, her opponents, her friends, her family, and God. When I am stressed and worn out I know I can phone her and she’ll make herself available to encourage me and help me keep going. Devorah has sacrificed so much to do what she does.

Devorah: It’s hard to pick one thing that I respect Daniel the most for. His love for all people and his determination to fight against injustice is definitely something I respect a lot. His love shows through to his devotion to his friends, family, community and God. He has always been one of my role models.

Daniel: Thanks Devorah. I feel like you copied my answer, but that’s cool. That’s cool.

Devorah: No, I didn’t say anything about your dance skills.

Daniel: Um… Next question?

4. If you could be any dynamic duo in the history of dynamic duos, which would it be?

Devorah: Matthew and Marilla from Anne of Green Gables. They’re siblings and they are good friends. However, I don’t think our personalities are like them, Daniel is way too outgoing and I don’t think I’m cynical.

Daniel: Agreed.

5. What inspired you to come up with a talk entitled “Winning More Than Arguments” for the Symposium?

Devorah: So often we as Pro-Lifers can focus on winning arguments instead of actually winning the people we’re talking to. It doesn’t matter if we are smarter than them if the end result is that all they have left is an unchanged hard heart. Over the years I have been able to learn from incredible people and implement different skills and strategies into engaging people and having numerous and fruitful conversations.

Daniel: It’s possible to win an argument without actually having someone change their heart and then in the end you accomplish nothing. This talk will help pro-lifers truly connect with people.

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