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Guest Speaker at Ottawa Dinner: Mike Schouten!

Student Dinner 2014 Mike

We are so thrilled to announce that Mike Schouten, Campaign Director of We Need a Law, will be our guest speaker at the annual Life and Justice Student Dinner. Schouten and his team at We Need a Law have been building grassroots support for protection for pre-born children across Canada. Their website and Simple Mail email program makes it easy to contact politicians to voice your pro-life convictions. If you haven’t done so, check out their website and contact your MP today at www.WeNeedaLaw.ca!

Many pro-life students, especially those in British Columbia, have been using We Need a Law flyers to create dialogue on their campuses by asking questions such as, “Do you know the current legal status of abortion in Canada?” We’ve found this to be a successful campaign to bring to campuses, as we find many students aren’t aware of the current law and would expect to have one. This leads to great, open conversation on the topic of when life begins!

Be sure to buy your tickets for the NCLN dinner as soon as possible! You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to network, celebrate a successful year, and gain some wisdom and motivation from Mike Schouten! 

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