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Inside Scoop: NCLN Internship

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This is Meagan’s second summer as an NCLN Intern! We are so thankful for her involvement in our mission. Here’s a little inside scoop to the work she’s been doing with us and how she’s been impacted as a pro-life student leader:

1) This is your second summer as an NCLN intern – and you’ve been fundraising your salary in order to do this work with our team. What motivates you to come back on staff this summer with the NCLN team?

The work NCLN does is crucial for the Pro-Life Movement. The demographic on the university campuses has not known a time without abortion on demand. Many are directly affected by abortion and many are also abortion vulnerable. We need to show them the love of the culture of life. We need to tell them what abortion is before they have to say, “No one told me that it would be like this.” We also need to reach the next doctors and the next lawmakers. The reach of NCLN’s work is huge! Across Canada, the students we work with are able to reach so many more students on their own campuses using the resources that NCLN creates.

2) Speaking of fundraising, how can people financially support the work you’re doing this summer?

The pay that I receive comes solely from donations. I’ve received an outpouring of generosity from so many people in my life already! I’m so grateful for this and excited to see so many people joining me in this pro-life mission. I’m already over halfway to my goal of $2000! If people would like to support me so that I can reach my goal, they can do so by donating here and then emailing info@ncln.ca to specify that their donation is for my internship. They can also choose to mail a cheque addressed to NCLN to 2300 Yonge St. PO Box 67004 Toronto, ON M4P 3C8. A third option is if I have the pleasure of seeing them in person, they can pass their donation (cash or cheque) to me personally.

3) You’ve been working on a number of projects with us this summer. Which project are you most excited about and why?

I love working on the website content because I’m so excited for this resource to be accessible for students. To explain, the outreach pages that we’ve been putting together are how-tos on many of the different types of outreach (ex. clipboarding, tabling, resource drive for moms). With a 12-week semester, students are crazy busy. To tackle a new style of outreach can be extremely intimidating and time consuming. To have this resource means less time figuring out how and more time actually doing. And that means reaching mores students and changing more hearts and minds.

4) As the president of your pro-life club, what are you most looking forward to as you return to campus this coming September?

I’m super excited to work alongside the rest of the club, to watch them grow as pro-life leaders and to see what we can accomplish together. We’re aiming to do weekly outreach for the first time and I’m excited to see the benefits of having our club actively present on campus.

5) And…now for something a bit more lighthearted, pick the NCLN team member you would want to have alongside you in each of the following situations:

-Stuck in an elevator for hours: Clarissa. As Central Campus Coordinator, she’s my campus coordinator at Guelph too! We could get through all kinds of planning for the fall semester! And maybe sing our hearts out with a few Disney songs while we’re at it.
-Fighting off a bear: Rebecca. Her fierce determination alone would have him gone in a flash. I’m also confident that back home in Deep River, they trained her good and proper on the essentials of bear fighting.
-Cooking a 6 course meal for 100 people: Anastasia. With that many siblings, I’m sure she knows what she’s doing! Also, she exudes love and kindness which are extremely important when working in a high stress situation.
-On a rocket ship to Mars: Kathleen. Full of excitement and energy, it would be a literal blast to experience the adrenaline leading up to take-off, the thrill of no gravity and the awe of the stars streaming past with her.
-Riding a canoe through some crazy rapids: Joanna. Living close to the Fraser River, I have a hunch that she knows how to take a canoe through almost anything.
Navigating public transit in Beijing: Ashley. Even if we got lost, I know it would be an incredible adventure. The one time Ashley and I met in person, we hit it off instantly!
Finding a band of Yetis on a trek through the Andes Mountains: Christine. She has a natural heart for mission: sharing love and kindness with all. She would effectively resolve the controversy and soon we’d all be laughing and singing songs together like it was history.

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