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Introducing Josie, NCLN’s Western Summer Intern

Josie is a summer student with NCLN in our Vancouver office.  Her posts will be appearing throughout the summer.  Her first post appeared last week and focused on the Carter decision.

By Josie Wichrowski, Summer Intern

I am so delighted and honored to be NCLN’s new summer intern and to be working with them on an important cause: defending life and training young people to be pro-life leaders.


As a 4th year Communications major at Simon Fraser University, I have always dreamed that I can make a difference and change society for the better. I wondered what kind of message I wanted to communicate to the public on issues that mattered. NCLN has answered that question for me this summer and I couldn’t be happier!



Photo: Josie, Anastasia, & guest speaker Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson at the Focus on Life Gala

During my membership at Capilano University’s Heart Beat Club, I met NCLN for the first time when I received pro-life apologetics training from, Renée Schmitz, NCLN’s Western Campus Coordinator at the time. It was really NCLN that gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to know how to defend life on campus.

Having now become NCLN’s summer intern, I am learning even more tools and skills to help me be an even more effective leader on campus. NCLN’s current Western Campus Coordinator, Anastasia Pearse, has graciously taken me under her wing and will continue to guide me throughout the next 12 weeks of my internship.

Already I have been exposed to so many new life-affirming initiatives as I attended the 14th Annual Signal Hill Focus on Life Gala, followed by the launch of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Abortion Caravan in downtown Vancouver. More recently I traveled to Ontario for a week long NCLN training session. There I met some of the most incredible people working at NCLN, and I know it has impacted my growth as a pro-life activist. Apart from learning who the people behind NCLN are, I was also educated on tactics that matter; I not only learned how to run a club, recruit members and retain them effectively, I also learned how to be an effective leader. I know I will be using these new found skills when I return to campus in the fall!

NCLN is true to their word as they work towards “Building a New Generation of Pro-Life Leaders”. I look forward to the rest of the summer and fall where I hope to see the change in people’s hearts and minds as we work towards making our life-affirming message heard on Canadian campuses.

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