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Job Opportunities with NCLN

Canadian universities and colleges are in desperate need of the pro-life message. Not only is the university the place where the ideas, values and culture of our society take root, but it is also the demographic most vulnerable to abortion. Since 1997, National Campus Life Network (NCLN) has existed to support the pro-life message on Canadian campuses by educating, equipping, and empowering young men and women to build and sustain strong pro-life presences on campus and engage their student body as effectively as possible.

NCLN is now accepting applications for two staff positions and a summer internship program.  NCLN’s staff members are passionate and dynamic young adults who teach, support and connect pro-life university students across the country. If you are interested in an exciting, challenging and fulfilling career that is making a difference in Canada, one of these positions may be for you!

The Central Campus Coordinator is a full-time position in our Toronto office.  This is a new position, created to provide pro-life students across Ontario with more support in their pro-life efforts.  The new staff member will work directly with Ontario pro-life students with direction from the Executive Director.

Please click here for the Central Campus Coordinator job description.

The Assistant to the Western Campus Coordinator is a part-time position at 10 hours a week in our Vancouver office.  This position is ideal for students, particularly those who are interested in pursuing full-time work in the Pro-Life Movement after graduation.

Please click here for the Assistant to the Western Campus Coordinator job description.

Please note that the application deadline for both these positions is March 30, 2012.

We are also seeking applications from students for Summer Intern Positions, based out of our Vancouver, Toronto, and St John offices. This position offers students valuable opportunities to develop important communication, organization, and leadership skills. This would be achieved through their work on projects as well as through our Internship Development Program, which includes mentoring and a training and study program.

Please click here for Summer Intern Positions job description.

Please note that the application deadline for our summer internship positions is April 16th, 2012.

Some of our board and staff members at a February 2012 meeting.
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