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Life on the Pro-Life Track

Anastasia Pearse is a hurdler. Not only did she overcome obstacles as a student leader at the University of Victoria, but, as NCLN’s Western Campus Coordinator, she has supported and assisted pro-life students across western Canada as they bring the pro-life message to their campuses. Oh, and she also literally jumps hurdles.

This summer, Anastasia starts a Masters of Leadership program at Trinity Western University. This program is a great fit for Anastasia, allowing her to further explore various aspects of leadership as they apply to non-profit organizations while complementing her ongoing full-time work with NCLN.

In addition to studying, Anastasia will also be competing for the Trinity Western Spartan’s Track and Field team. Aside from being a busy pro-life activist, Anastasia trains and competes at a competitive level in track and field, specializing in the 400m hurdles. Her accomplishments on the track include being part of the BC team for 5 years and coming 3rd in the 400m hurdle race at the national championships in 2010.

In a press release from Trinity Western University last month, Spartans coach Laurier Primeau praised Anastasia’s experience, both on and off the field. “Anastasia brings multiple gifts to Trinity Western, not the least of which is experience,” he said. “As a new program we are very heavy with freshman and sophomores, so to add someone of Anastasia’s calibre with multiple years of varsity track and field under her belt is great from both an athletic and leadership perspective. Her not-for-profit work and versatility in sprints and hurdles gives Trinity Western an incredibly well rounded student-athlete.”

Supporting Anastasia in NCLN’s Western Office is Kathleen Dunn, recently hired to work part-time in our western office. Kathleen will also be continuing her studies at Trinity Western University.

We are excited for Anastasia to have the opportunity to combine her passion for leadership and her talents in athletics with her pro-life work with NCLN. We will be cheering her on as she clears the hurdles of track as well as those of pro-life activism.


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