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Motion 408 Needs YOU!


As you know, Mark Warawa’s Motion 408 was deemed non-votable yesterday, even though it met all the criteria for votability, as the impartial analyst from the Library of Parliament repeatedly said. This decision was “shocking and undemocratic” and will be appealed. But your help is urgently needed! 

Please take time to Tweet and e-mail Prime Minister Harper and the committee members who will be involved with this appeal. Encourage your friends to do likewise!

Our politicians NEED to hear an OUTCRY from the public.

PM Harper can be contacted via:

  • Email: pm@pm.gc.ca
  • Twitter: @pmharper
  • Phone: 613-992-4211

Here are the committee members who will hear Mark Warawa’s appeal!

  • @CraigScottNDP
  • @nathancullen
  • @NycoleTurmelNPD
  • @Armstrong_MP
  • @ParmGill
  • @TomLukiwski
  • @CostasMenegakis
  • @ScottReidCPC

Every time you Tweet about this, be sure to include @pmharper and hashtag #M408 ! 

E-mail these committee members who deemed Motion 408 non-votable:

Remember that this is not about voting for #M408, but about deeming the motion VOTABLE so that it can be debated in the House of Commons.

 Can’t think of a Tweet to Tweet? Here’s some examples:

  • @pmharper Listen to the 92%! #M408 should be deemed votable!
  • The library of parliament analyst said #M408 passed the criteria. Will you respect procedure? Allow M408 to go to the House! @pmharper
  • Canada needs to condemn ALL discrimination against women! @pmharper Allow #M408 to be debated!
  • 92% of Canadians want to see sex-selective abortion banned. Why is the debate being banned? Where’s the democracy? @pmharper? #M408
  • Disappointed with @armstrong_MP for ignoring the need to protect women with #M408! @pmharper
  • @ParmGill Be a voice for Canadian women and support the vote for #M408 @pmharper
  • Support #M408! @TomLukiwski @CostasMenegakis @ScottReidCPC @ParmGill @Armstrong_MP @NycoleTurmelNDP @nathancullen @CraigScottNDP
Be sure to Tweet @MPMarkWarawa to show him your support and encouragement! 


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

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