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NCLN Symposium Testimony: Alex Cassar

Alex Cassar

Attended symposium as a student 2000-2003

Graduated from the University of Waterloo

Has been married since 2010, and he and his wife had their first child in September 2012.

Alex has been NCLN’s Finance Officer since 2003.

One of the first things I wanted to do at the University of Waterloo was be involved with a pro-life club. Of course, I assumed one would exist – however when I started my studies at UW there was no such club registered. I came into contact with NCLN, who helped to put me in touch with other students on campus who wanted to start a pro-life club. In addition, I heard about and attended the NCLN Symposium, and then kept coming back! It was at the Symposium that I refined my knowledge of the pro-life position and learned about various strategies for promoting the pro-life position on campus. As a result of this training, UWSFL hosted various speakers and organized various poster campaigns and information tables and regularly garnered campus media coverage of events.

It was also at the Symposium that I met Stephanie Gray, at the time a UBC student and now Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform. I was very impressed with her leadership of the pro-life club at the University of British Columbia and in 2002 UWSFL organized Stephanie’s first on-campus debate with popular UW Philosophy professor Dr. Jan Narveson. The debate was attended by 300 students and received extensive campus media coverage (including a comprehensive and balanced summary of the debate – see the link below).

Having experienced the necessity for and effectiveness of NCLN as a student, I joined the NCLN board in 2003 and remain as the Finance Officer today.

Summary of the debate – see page 9: http://iwarrior.uwaterloo.ca/pdf/2002f-4.pdf

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