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NCLN Symposium Testimony: James Carnegie

James et friends
James, middle, with students at the 2009 Symposium

Attended the Symposium in 2008, 2009

Student at Brock University 

I attended the National Campus Life Network Symposium for the first time in 2008. I was a first year student who, along with a friend of mine, was trying to start a pro-life club at our university. As someone who was relatively new to pro-life work, the NCLN Symposium was an amazing experience because it provided me with a solid foundation in pro-life apologetics. Not only did the NCLN Symposium train me to be able to apply this newly learned information, but it also connected me with other young pro-life students whose passion for defending human life was inspiring. After attending a second Symposium the following year, our club was officially ratified. The Symposium undoubtedly equipped me with knowledge, skills, and resources that helped me be an effective pro-life leader on campus, and fostered a long-lasting commitment to defending the dignity of human life. That the NCLN Symposium is an event I can count on hearing about every year gives me great hope that there will continue to be an informed, committed, and growing pro-life presence at our Canadian schools.

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