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NCLN Welcomes Amberlee to the Team!

Realizing there was no active pro-life club on her campus, Amberlee decided to take matters into her own hands and re-start the old pro-life club at the University of Alberta. From there, her involvement for the pre-born continues to expand: she completed two CCBR internships, participated in provincial and federal politics, attended the NCLN Symposium twice, and helped to co-found a local pro-life activism group, Edmonton Against Abortion.

In maintaining regular activism on campus, Amberlee and her club-mates have wrestled with more than their fair share of censorship at the U of A. In response to unchallenged mob rule and restrictive security fees, Amberlee and her team teamed up with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms to take legal action against the university. The court case is ongoing.

Not wanting to let her fight for the pro-life message and free speech to end with graduation, Amberlee is grateful for the opportunity to serve students as NCLN has done for her over the years. If pro-life students can organize to combat campus culture, she believes we can and will make a difference in society, bringing an end to abortion in Canada.

Amberlee will be serving students and campuses in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan starting later this month.
To get in touch with Amberlee, please contact her at amberlee.nicol@ncln.ca
Support Amberlee’s work financially at http://ncln.ca/donate

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