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Our Impact this Fall

The Fall 2018 semester has come to a close for Christmas, and pro-life clubs have wrapped up their activities.

So, we at NCLN wanted to know: what results did our work produce?

This year we recorded more data than we ever have before. We were really happy with what we saw, and we wanted to share that with you.

Want to know what we found?

We recorded that 71% of students we have talked to have either been pro-life or become more pro-life as a result of our activism. That means pro-life presence is growing!

What’s the difference a conversation during an activism session can make?

Prior to activism, 66% of students were either pro-choice or neutral

After activism, 57% of those students became pro-life.

Across our 20 campuses, we talked to over 500 students. About half showed an interest in our clubs, and 30 became new activists. In addition to this, we mentored 72 students in pro-life work.

This data shows that what we do works. Students are changing their minds on the spot.

One question we tackled this semester was:

How can we keep students engaged in the pro-life movement?

So, we piloted a discussion group. Conversations at activism can only go so long and so in-depth. So we asked students to join us in a biweekly discussion group.

Our test ground campuses this year were UAlberta and uOttawa. These tests were a great success and we are excited to launch them on at least four more of our campuses next semester!

Out of 100 conversations we had on the uOttawa campus, 30 students signed up for the pro-life club, and 9 of the discussion group attendees chose to receive training from our regional coordinator to become pro-life activists in the club. Soon they will be the ones reaching out to their peers and sharing the pro-life message. Just as other pro-life students had once reached out to them.

Now that’s building leaders!

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