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Oxford abortion debate shut down by students

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.18.46 AMUniversities can do better – both in Canada and in the UK, as the recent situation at Oxford University illustrates. National Campus Life Network stands in solidarity with Oxford Students for Life, whose abortion debate was cancelled by the university due to protesters saying they would be present and disruptive. Universities ought to protect debates like these, ensuring that they can happen – particularly when they are threatened.

“A protest group of around 300 people called “What the f**k is ‘Abortion Culture’?” appeared on Facebook that promised to “take along some non-destructive but oh so disruptive instruments to help demonstrate to the anti-choicers just what we think of their ‘debate’.” Read more on The Telegraph

On November 18th, Oxford Students for Life posted on Facebook, “We are sorry to announce that, after a day of hard work, we haven’t found a venue for the debate.

We only expected to have the same rights of expression as any other Oxford student society, and we’re disappointed that scare tactics proved successful.”

We stand with you, Oxford Students for Life.

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