Safe for Whom?

By Rebecca Richmond, Executive Director

To be honest, I’m not surprised by the news that aid ends up supporting organizations that perform abortions, even where abortions are illegal.  It’s terrible, but not surprising.

These organizations are motivated by a concern for the well-being and the safety of women in difficult circumstances.  But sentiment is not the same as doing what is right.

Yes, women do die from illegal abortions, and we can all agree that illegal abortions are terrible.  Illegal abortions are not safe for women.  (I would argue that legal abortions are also not safe for women.)  But every abortion, whether illegal or legal, is not safe for the child.  Some women, desperate and afraid, die from illegal abortions, but babies die regardless of the legality of the act.  I hate what some illegal abortions do to women, but I hate more what all abortions do to their children.

So instead of making the murder of one party safer for the other, these organizations should provide the support these desperate women need to make decisions that both parties can live with.

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