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Speaker Interview: Alissa Golob!

This fiery, passionate, determined activist is gracing us with her presence once again at the annual Symposium! As the Campaign Life Coalition Youth Coordinator, Alissa Golob is making waves in the pro-life movement through her zeal, wit, dedication, and fearlessness. At the Symposium, she’ll be sharing with us her knack for working with the media in spreading the pro-life message. Check out this interview with this one-of-a-kind activist!alissa golob

1. When did you first learn about what abortion was? What convicted you to do something about it?

I was thirteen years old and my pen-pal (we had pen-pals before Facebook) asked me to go on a pro-life “tour” with her (not the Backstreet Boy kind like I had previously envisioned). It ended up being the Show the Truth tour which exposed me to the injustice of abortion by requiring me to hold up blown-up graphic images to cars on street corners and highways. It was a trial by fire, but once I knew what abortion looked like, I know I needed to do something about it.

2. What inspires you the most about working with youth in the pro-life movement?

The young adult years are when people go through the most life change, whether it be mentally, emotionally or spiritually. It’s when you start a new school, a new job, a whole new life you’ve never experienced before. With all these huge life changes, it’s inspiring to see young people making time for such important life- saving work. When young people get involved with a particular cause, people notice, especially politicians. This gives youth activism an importance like no other, so seeing young people step up to the plate and courageously stand up for a cause that at times isn’t the most popular, is most inspiring.

3. You’re a twitter-girl. If you could give a couple hashtags to your involvement in the movement, what would they be?

#physicallyattacked #verballyabused #lovingeveryminute #wontbackdown #babylove #womanonamission

4. Do you see social media as a game-changer in motivating pro-lifers and spreading the truth about abortion?

I don’t see it as a game-changer per-say, but I see it as a huge bonus to any cause that is trying to reach the masses. Sometimes people can fall into “slacktivsim”: only posting and commenting behind a computer screen. Although this is beneficial, the real change comes when people get out of their chairs, and physically participate in pro-life campaigns, demonstrations and lobbying efforts. Tweeting at your politician is not as effective as visiting him. Since the news gets the majority of their stories and comments from social media however, we also have an obligation to saturate the cyber-world with pro-life media. Both are important, but nothing beats activism.

5. When you’re not tweeting, instagramming, facebooking or doing public activism in some way.. How do you spend your free time?

What is free time? I am not aware of this term. In all seriousness, I love sports, playing and watching (Go Leafs Go!- haters gonna hate), watching CPAC, I was a Big Sister in the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters program up until recently, chillaxing with my friends (most of whom live in the same apartment building as I), YouTubing Jared Leto, and bowling. Can’t forget bowling. I love bowling.

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