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Speaker Interview: Andrea Mrozek!

NCLN is very excited to have Andrea Mrozek speaking to us at this year’s Symposium on the impact of the Sexual Revolution and the state of the culture we are working to reach on our campuses. The founder of the popular blog ProWomanProLife.org and Executive Director of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (IMFC), Andrea offers a well-spoken and articulate defense of the pro-life message in the public square. According to NCLN’s Rebecca Richmond, Andrea also has great fashion sense and rumour has it that they both wore the exact same dress at a pro-life banquet last year. 🙂 Read on to learn more about this fantastic woman!

1. What was the first Pro-Life event you ever attended?

I think I walked in one march with my parents as a kid. I was probably ten, I’m guessing, and while I remember it was pro-life, and I have a memory of women with coat hanger posters lining the side of our route, I don’t remember much else. We were not an activist family, though we were clearly pro-life. I started out pro-life and had pro-life parents, but the attitudes of my school, which were pro-choice, sounded good (superficial though they were), and I talked that talk for a while. (NB: This is why NCLN is very important!) I was then essentially dormant on any overtly pro-life activity until I started ProWomanProLife.org, which was well after university was over and I had been working for a couple of years. BUT interestingly enough, I was trying to clean up what is my old room at my parent’s house not too long ago and I found a grade seven project, where we had to do a biography of ourselves. And in it, I wrote about how I would defend the pre-born, or something like that, in the future. I had entirely and totally forgotten ever writing such a thing until I found it a couple of months back and I thought, well, there you go. There truly is a plan for everyone’s life. A good and gracious plan that is not what we ourselves would know to ask for or imagine.

2. What do you find most satisfying about your work at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada?

The IMFC, not to be confused with the IMF or the YMCA, or any other four-letter acronym, is a fantastic place to work. Great team of folks all dedicated to thinking about the issues of marriage and family. What increases social capital in communities? How can we encourage strong marriages that last for the benefit of families? What is the correlation between family structure and community stability? If you like considering this sort of question, then the IMFC is for you, she says, in her best Radio Announcer Voice. Sign up for our info today! It’s free and easy, and available at www.imfcanada.org/subscribe

3.What inspired you to start the ProWomanProLife blog?

I think I found it increasingly frustrating that other women were speaking for me in politics, in the public square and they weren’t representing me well, or at all, actually. I thought, I’m a woman, I know what I think, I shall make it known. And ProWomanProLife was born. A shout out to those who have never even done a single blog post but they made it happen—Dr. Sheryl Alger, a friend and ob-gyn, and Teresa Fraser, a friend and psychologist. Women who put their names down, giving me the confidence to continue. Also to Brigitte Pellerin, who made the technical side happen and was a formidable blogging force for so long. Talk about strong women, all of them. No stereotypes, just great people. I love all the women of PWPL, truly. We are not the largest blog out there, but we have created a good online community for like-minded folks.

4. According to your blog, you’re a fan of mermaids. Can you explain your appreciation of these creatures?

Oh brother—this has spun out of control! Yet every myth has a germ of truth: I love the water. I always have. I will swim (almost) anywhere, anytime. Mountain lakes, ponds, you name it—most recently I did the Beach to Beach at Meech—4 km of swimming near Ottawa. And I must admit, that with my swim club, one of the fun workouts is “fin night” when we all wear flippers. I’m told this helps strengthen your kick, and you get to be more streamlined. But let’s be honest, it also makes it easier to pretend you are a mermaid. Once upon a time, my sister and I were playing in a pool as kids. We went to ask our mom for shoelaces. Why? She asked. So we can tie our ankles together and pretend to be mermaids, we said enthusiastically. No, she replied. And so I lived. Thank you, Mom.

5. Why are you looking forward to speaking at the Symposium?

Every speaking engagement is an opportunity to meet new people engaged in learning about how to defend life. With NCLN it really is the front line—how to be pro-life on campus. There is virtually nothing harder, unless you are pro-Israel. So I am looking forward to learning from those who come, and talking about the background on how we got to where we are with regards to attitudes toward abortion.


To apply for the 2014 Symposium, click here!

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