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Speaker Interview: Patrick Sullivan

A passionate, intelligent, and motivating speaker and author, Patrick Sullivan will be empowering us at the NCLN Symposium! It is such an honor for us to introduce him as one of our keynote speakers. Check out this interview to learn more about this Catholic Evangelist!
patrick sullivan

A professional Catholic Evangelist is not a title we hear often! How did you find yourself in this work?

By surprise actually. When strangers and old colleagues  and really good friends all begin to call you in one direction, you begin to wonder if the Lord is behind it all. Even with all of that preparation being a Catholic Evangelist is a leap of Faith, and thankfully God continues to catch me.

Does your evangelism take you into the pro-life sphere? In what ways?

It can, but only because people begin to realize that there is always a connection between the true, the good and the beautiful and children.

You’re speaking to the students at the Symposium about leadership. In what ways has your experience as an evangelist made you a better leader?

When very few people are doing what you are, you become a leader almost by default. And when you realize that many people are watching and waiting to learn from your successes and mistakes, you begin to give your leadership habits more thought.

What is the most inspiring part about ‘leading’ your six children as a Dad?

Probably just receiving their trust. Every night my children remind me in large and in small ways that they are willing to follow me wherever I go.

Why are you looking forward to speaking at the NCLN Symposium?

The NCLN has been involved in forming leaders in this country for years, and I have always admired their work. To be part of that work in a tangible way is wonderful.

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