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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Ruth Shaw, new Executive Director as of April 4, 2017.

From ANASTASIA, outgoing Executive Director

After six years of working with National Campus Life Network I will now be ending my term with the organization. It has been a privilege to serve our NCLN staff and students, and to work alongside you over the past few years!

I am excited to announce that Ruth Shaw will be the new Executive Director!
Ruth has been working with us for the past year as our Communications Director. During this time she has contributed an immense amount to NCLN, going above and beyond her role as our Communications Director. She has naturally gravitated towards a niche of NCLN that sets her up to lead the organization. She has a passion for moving NCLN forward to achieve our goals and has an excellent strategic mindset. Her past experience doing pro-life and other non-profit work gives her a unique perspective as well as invaluable experience that she has shared with our team and students.
I give my full support to Ruth Shaw as NCLN’s next Executive Director, and am excited about NCLN’s future; I am confident that Ruth will be able to serve NCLN’s staff, students, and supporters so together we can reach students with the pro-life message, and continue to change hearts and minds, save lives, and change our culture.

From RUTH, incoming Executive Director

Dear students and NCLN supporters,

I am truly honored to have the opportunity to fill the position of Executive Director for NCLN.

I have been doing pro-life activism consistently since 2006. My activism days began on a campus where I was thrown into the heart of the clash of ideologies during my time as President of Carleton Lifeline, the pro-life club at Carleton University. During my time there, I experienced censorship that began with the denial of club status and ended with the arrest of myself and 4 other club members. I have experienced the rejection of friends, the stress of carrying a club, and the joy of seeing someone change their position on abortion. This has given me a wealth of experience that I hope to pass on to our team and the students we lead and serve.
After graduating with Honors from the Human Rights Program, I worked for two years for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform where I was personally mentored by well-known Canadian apologists, Stephanie Gray and Jojo Ruba. This strengthened my pro-life activism and skill set as activist, mentor to other leaders, and speaker.
From 2011- to present I have been participating in and creating local activism through Ottawa Against Abortion, an organization I founded, while at the same time raising 2 little boys (William and Micah, ages 4 and 6 months). I began working for NCLN in 2016.

Students, I am committed to ending abortion with you on campus.
I am committed to reaching your peers effectively and compassionately. I am committed to walking with you through the highs of saving lives and changing minds, and the lows of feeling the weight of what we are doing. I am committed to you.
Please feel free to contact me anytime: ruth.shaw@ncln.ca; 1.877.618.4275 ext. 3.
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