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Statement on the Death of Henry Morgentaler

National Campus Life Network is saddened to hear of the passing of Henry Morgentaler, Canada’s most prominent abortionist and pro-choice activist.  Despite his deep involvement in the injustice of abortion in Canada, there was always hope that he would follow in the footsteps of abortionists like Dr. Bernard Nathanson and repent.  It is our sincere hope that he experienced a change of heart. 

We are grieved at the destructive legacy that Henry Morgentaler has left, having performed thousands of abortions personally and making hundreds of thousands more possible through his clinics and the 1988 Supreme Court decision that struck down the abortion laws.  We, as young people, have felt the impact of his legacy with a quarter of our generation having been killed by abortion in the quarter century since the R. v. Morgentaler court case.  We will continue to work with students across Canada to ensure that the next generation is spared the same fate.


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