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Symposium Story: Evan Cassidy!

Reposted from Queen’s Alive Blog!

Student at Queen’s University

Attended Symposium 2013

Last year I attended the National Campus Life Network Symposium, which was not only extremely informative, but also very fun. It was the best use of a weekend I can remember. The days were filled with speakers, workshops and opportunities to network with other participants. I was thoroughly impressed by how much I learned. I have attended many retreats and conferences in the past, and can honestly say that few have been as rewarding as the NCLN Symposium.

evan cassidy symposium
Kasia Lach, Mark Dumbrique, Christine Helferty, Daniel Cumming, Evan Cassidy at the 2013 Symposium!
We were taught how to defend the pro-life position, and effectively communicate it to others. I learned about the rights individuals and clubs have on campus. I also learned about things I did not expect, such as human psychology and the history of the pro-life movement. We learned about different pro-life groups, the work that they do, and the different opportunities that are available to share the pro-life message. It was at the symposium where I first heard about a trip to Florida for the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) that I ended up attending last February.
It was not all presentations either. Ever played a game of giant Dutch Blitz? Throughout the weekend there were social opportunities where you could meet other pro-lifers from across the country.  To this day, I have kept in touch with friends I met there.
            I would highly recommend the NCLN symposium to anyone looking to learn more.  It is a great way to become better equipped to defend the pro-life position, meet some amazing people, enjoy good food and have fun while you are at it. What better way to spend a weekend?
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