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Symposium Support-Raising 101

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Three-life changing days: the Symposium.

It’s the only national conference of its kind. Pro-life leadership training, apologetics with new analogies and conversational tools, cutting-edge and winning strategies; learning from seasoned professionals and networking with pro-life peers from across Canada.

What is holding you back?

Finances are tight for many of us. There are many needs vying for our resources. Yet year after year, you prove that it is worth making space for your passions and priorities. For all of NCLN’s twenty one years, students have successfully fundraised to cover both Symposium registration and their flights.

If you have any questions or brilliant new ideas to share, don’t be a stranger. We are honoured to hear from you and walk with you through this process. For now, here are a couple tips to get you started.

Pro-Tips to Make Your Symposium Experience Possible

1. Contact NCLN. We are invested in YOU and your leadership development. Our Executive Director is available to coach you in all-things-fundraising. To inquire about this unique coaching opportunity, reach Ruth directly at Ruth.Shaw@ncln.ca.

2. Give yourself time. Start fundraising as soon as you can. Check out our fundraising letter (available by contacting your Campus Coordinator or emailing info@ncln.ca) to jumpstart your efforts. Aim to have your registration confirmed and flight booked by the end of May. Early bird registration closes on June 1st, and flight prices will begin to increase dramatically from there.

3. Create a list of contacts. Brainstorm a list of community and church groups, such as Right to Life organizations and Bible studies. If you have official club status, see if your university has a bursary or grant available to clubs for leadership development. Family and friends may also be interested to support you. To cover registration at early bird pricing, invite fifteen people to give $20. For students booking flights, to give you an idea, a flight from Toronto to Vancouver is approximately $800. You can aim to find four larger organizations or donors who can give $200 each.

Note: Charitable organizations may not able to donate to non-charities and individuals. If you are unsure if an organization has charitable status, it does not hurt to reach out to them. You can always ask for a referral (see Tip #4).

4. Persevere in following up. Start by reaching out via email. In that same week, give the person or organization a follow-up phone call. If you cannot reach them, re-send your initial email. Then, again, reach out to them by phone within a few days of re-sending, but at a different time of day than your first phone call.

5. What if they say no? No sweat. If they cannot sponsor you at the full amount, you can ask: would they consider giving $20 towards your registration? You can also ask for a referral: that is, to connect you with a friend who may be interested in supporting a local pro-life student in leadership formation.

6. Sending multiple club members? Work as a team. Divide up your list of contacts from Tip #2 so that you don’t double-up. Make sure you discuss as a team how you will split the funds raised: whether you are creating a common pot of funds to divide equally or if each club member’s efforts will go towards their individual Symposium expenses.

7. Be encouraged. We have found that organizations are excited to hear from young people who have the passion and grit to achieve their goals.

Hope you have an awesome summer, and looking forward to welcoming you to Langley this August!

$275 early bird registration closes June 1st! Register online: ncln.ca/symposium

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