Thank you NCLN!

Josie (on right) with Anastasia Pearse (centre) and Kathleen Dunn (left).

By Josie Wichrowski, NCLN Summer Intern 2012
As my internship is coming to a close, I reflect on the last three months of my summer working for NCLN. There have been some amazing highlights such as: participating in CCBR’s Abortion Caravan Launch in Vancouver, attending Signal Hill’s Focus on Life Gala dinner, and taking part in an NCLN training program in Burlington ON with the rest of the NCLN staff team. Overall, I cannot say enough how much my training impacted me and how grateful I am to the staff at NCLN for the internship opportunity. I am convinced that my week of training in Burlington equipped me with the knowledge and tools I needed to have a successful summer working for NCLN, and the research and assignments I did over this summer definitely equipped me to better help my peers as I head back to school this fall, where I will continue being active in the pro-life movement on my  campus.  I am really excited to return to school and give back all that I have learned this summer.


This summer I have learned not only about the work NCLN does, but also about the pro-life movement as a whole. I found it truly remarkable how many pro-life organizations are working towards building a culture of life in our country. But,  even more remarkable is how NCLN is the only organization that specifically caters to university students and campus clubs in Canada.

Therefore, I urge you, if you are an executive member with your campus club this year, or will be one in the future, make sure to take advantage of the NCLN Campus Coordinator nearest to you! If you ever need a guiding hand to help you make an impact on campus, don’t hesitate to contact NCLN. As I have gotten to know them personally, I can vouch that they are very friendly people!

Secondly, try and make a point of attending their Annual National Symposium in Toronto, where you will receive pro-life training and hear amazing pro-life speakers. It is also a unique opportunity to meet other pro-life student leaders across the country in the same shoes as you—I wish I had attended when I was at Capilano University!

Thank you NCLN for my internship, and for continuing to work towards equipping students so that the pro-life message is heard on our campuses. I hope that NCLN will continue to grow and make an even bigger impact for years to come!

Thank you!


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