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The #CommodityCulture at U of T

Students, you don’t have it easy. Rape-culture, porn and abortion are all too common on our campuses, and its high-time we put an end to the #CommodityCulture that these poisons have established. Nicole Lau, from the University of Toronto, explains her experience on the Smart Sex blog:Commodity Daniel JVM

As an undergrad, I was amazed to find how much we were encouraged to think about porn, sex during orientation, and at U of T there was even a sex education centre. I mean, perhaps in light of commodity culture, it is no big surprise. But really, people should be going to university to study. Bah. I guess it’s just the crazy in me thinking such a thing…” Read more…

Be sure to attend our #CommodityCulture event this Saturday at the Newman Centre to learn how you can rescue your campus from rape-culture, porn & abortion.

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