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The Pro-Life Student Life: #PokemonStyle

By Clarissa Canaria, Operations Director

Whether you love it or hate it, Pokemon has come back in big way with Pokemon Go. I haven’t caught the fever, but as a fan of the original series, I present to you the pro-life student life, #PokemonStyle!

Inviting people to the first pro-life club meeting of the year with this incentive:

Source: Tumblr



Registering for the NCLN Symposium because of this realization:

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The feeling of meeting fellow pro-lifers there, knowing you’re in this battle together:

Source: Mashable

…and leaving the Symposium, encouraged and determined:

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When you’re up late at night pondering the injustice of abortion:

Source: Tumblr


How you’re feeling after a long day of class:

Source: Tumblr

But knowing you’re scheduled to do the QA Project on campus with your outreach team:

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When you and your club members have amazing conversations on abortion and change someone’s mind:

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Yay! High fives all around!


A couple of hiccups when planning that club social…:

Source: RiceDigital


…and your excitement in remembering to take a group photo!

Source: Mashable

Watch your step!


Maintaining your joy, avoiding burnout and fatigue:

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Having some of the best people on your side to lean on for support, seeing all the destruction abortion brings:

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When you see babies, on- or off-campus:

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What NCLN staff look like hearing about the amazing things you’re doing on campus:

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We’re here for you!

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