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The top 5 things about the NCLN Symposium (for this Campus Coordinator, anyway)

Written by Clarissa Canaria

Two weeks after the Symposium, what better way to recap its awesomeness but through a list?

5) Parodies

Alongside exercises in pro-life activism (literally), parodies made applicable to pro-life students on campus are a blast – especially when everyone sings along!

Babies – you fight for their rights like nobody else
The way that you stand for life gets us overwhelmed
And when you’re wearing your shirt, it ain’t hard to tell
That you know, oh oh, preborn life is beautiful!


4) Team-building

Dutch blitz

The ultimate in team-building: Giant Dutch Blitz!  This is an NCLN Symposium tradition.  If you haven’t tried this in it’s card game version, you must!
(Or, come to the Symposium next year (: )

3) Babies everywhere!

What better way to remember the group of human beings we are fighting for than seeing them ex utero?

NCLN Babies

2) Stellar Speakers and Presentations


The giants of the Canadian pro-life movement come to the Symposium to speak on so many relevant topics.  And, in many cases, attendees have the chance to speak with them one-on-one after their presentations.  This is such a unique opportunity, making the Symposium extra special. (If you missed the Symposium, check out our list of speakers to learn more about their work!)

1) The Network

From regional break-out sessions, to meal times, to the Saturday evening social, the building of relationships among students and feeling the sense of solidarity with them is so essential.  We are all there to learn how to serve our campuses better – knowing that others are doing that alongside you on campuses across the country, you can’t help but feel your sense of mission renewed.


Do you have a Symposium testimony to share? We’d love to hear from you! Email Kathleen: kathleen@ncln.ca and we’ll share your story!

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