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The Problem with the Stats

The number of abortions has dropped to 44,416 in 2008 according to the recently released stats from the Canadian Institute for Health Information (Stats Can has turned over responsibility for abortion stats to CIHI).  So why aren’t pro-lifers cheering?

Because the numbers only tell….well, half of the story behind the number of abortions taking place.  Take a look at the stats and you’ll quickly see the problem: a number of provinces and territories don’t bother reporting on the numbers of abortion performed in clinics.  Taxpayers pay for the abortions, but can’t even learn how many are being done because reporting is voluntary for private clinics.  CIHI can’t even come up with a grand total due to the incomplete data.

So much for transparency and accountability when it comes to the taxpayer’s wallet.

More coverage can be found at LifeSiteNews.

Below is a press release from LifeCanada, a national educational pro-life organization:



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December 16, 2010

Why hide abortion statistics?

Canadians have no idea how many abortions they pay for each year in Canada even though taxpayers pay for almost all that are performed in hospitals or in private, for-profit clinics.

Abortion statistics released this week by the Canadian Institute for Health Information for 2007 and 2008 are so incomplete even CIHI would not publish a total. It did report that there were   47, 318 (or maybe 47,326) hospital abortions in 2007 and 44,416 in 2008.

It gave no total at all for clinic abortions since so few report their numbers even though private clinics perform the majority of abortions in the country. Taxpayers pick up the tab for those too, except in New Brunswick.

“It’s appalling that our governments divert scarce health care dollars for abortions and they don’t even tell us how many there are or what they cost us,” said LifeCanada President Monica Roddis. LifeCanada is a national educational pro-life group. “Why do we hide these numbers from Canadians?  If taxpayers knew how many millions they pay for abortions they would be outraged.”

From the scant information available CIHI numbers show that of the 44,416 hospital abortions in 2008, fewer than half, 21,981, were first trimester abortions. There were 556 hospital abortions performed after 20 weeks, the point of viability according to the Canadian Medical Association. No gestational information was reported for 18,745 of the abortions.  Abortion advocates routinely claim most abortions are performed in the first 12 weeks.

“Show us the numbers,” said Roddis. “Why the secrecy? We’re paying for these abortions and yet we are denied the most basic information about these expenditures.”

Roddis said provincial governments should require hospitals and private abortion clinics to report fully on abortion procedures. “We need to know complete numbers, the age of the mothers, the gestational age of the babies, the repeat abortions and the total cost to our health care system.”

“Canadians need this information to decide whether they want to continue spending millions of dollars each year on this personal choice instead of investing in life-saving and life-affirming health services.”

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Contact: Monica Roddis, President, 604-853-7985

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