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Think About What You Saw

By Clarissa Luluquisin, NCLN Central Campus Coordinator

I’ve been on staff with NCLN only a few short months now but I’ve quickly learned that my job follows me home – or even on weekend road trips. Last weekend, while in Washington DC, I visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum. I expected to be horrified and moved by the history I would see. I was, yet the hardest part of the experience was knowing that while the horrors of the Holocaust is a part of history, the slaughter of preborn Canadian children is all too current.

What particularly stood out to me was the propaganda the exhibit displayed, used to dehumanize the Jewish people and make their destruction possible. The propaganda also was directed to encourage all Germans to participate in Hitler’s vision of a united nation and an ideal race.

Nearing the end of the exhibit, I was overwhelmed with grief for the victims, but also felt a strange twinge of emotion for the ordinary people of Germany. I pitied them. They were not given the truth. They were fed with perverted truths and outright lies. Their bitterness and sentiments of loss resulting from World War I were twisted and used against them. It does not erase guilt, but it does illuminate their behavior.

The parallels to our own society’s acceptance of abortion immediately struck me. So many default to “choice” because it appeals to a politically correct notion of morality. After all, how does “choice” not sound like a good thing? They are fed with “my body, my choice”, “men have no say in this women’s issue”, and “it’s a lump of tissue”.  And so Canada allows the destruction of innocent life.

For me, the exhibit reaffirmed that the Holocaust, and the minds behind it, systematically sought the deliberate destruction of certain identifiable groups – primarily 6 million Jews. This was accomplished under the guise of a better Germany. But the Holocaust ended; yet, today, abortion seeks to deliberately destroy the preborn child – 41 million worldwide yearly – under the guise of “choice”.

The magnet I picked up at the museum’s store is what initially inspired this post in the first place:

The next time you witness hatred

The next time you see injustice

The next time you hear about genocide

Think about what you saw

Because of what I have seen, I am even more convinced.

Yet, as pro-lifers, we must do more than simply remember what we saw. We must be moved to action each time we see hatred and injustice. Pro-lifers must never cease to share truth with those caught in the current of ‘choice’. We must awaken our culture to the slaughter our society’s actions and apathy perpetuate.

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