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University of New Brunswick (Fredericton) Students for Life Finally Get Status!

[Picture: Sara Hall (NCLN Maritime Campus Coordinator) and Stacy Anderson (NCLN board member) with Amanda Magee and other students from the new club shortly after receiving status at the Student Union Meeting.]

In December we informed you that the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton) Students for Life had their application for club status denied.  (For more information, the press release can be found on our website here).  Now, we have the pleasure of informing you that the club was ratified last night at a Student Council meeting and the club now enjoys status and funding.

Club President, Amanda Magee, was present along with several other club members at the meeting.  The club had re-submitted their application prior to the meeting and Amanda was given an opportunity to make a brief presentation to the Councillors.  She also fielded several questions from Councillors before a motion was made to recognize the club.

Shane Westin, the club’s Vice-President, quickly questioned the difference between ‘recognition’ and ‘ratification’.  It was explained that ratification gave the club both status and funding but recognition, which would apply to religious or political clubs, would mean they would not receive funding.  Given that the club is neither political nor religious in nature, Mr. Westin questioned the Councillor’s motion and, after consulting policy, the motion was amended and the club was ratified.

NCLN was there to meet with the pro-life students beforehand and attend the Student Union meeting.  We’re pleased that the Student Union finally granted the club the rights they were due and we look forward to working with UNB Students for Life as they plan and host events this winter.

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