Rebecca Richmond

“Are you going to the March for Life?” she asked me enthusiastically when she found out I worked in the Pro-Life Movement. She was my age, a relatively recent immigrant who had been unpleasantly surprised by the reality of abortion in Canada. Her eyes had lit up when she found out I was actively pro-life.

I told her I certainly was attending and asked how many times she had gone herself. But she hadn’t gone. “I hope to someday!” she told me enthusiastically.

Her enthusiasm for the March was rooted in a story, a story which absolutely floored me.

A year previous, she told me, a friend of hers was scheduled to have an abortion in Ottawa. Until she encountered the March for Life that day: a witness to life and love, a sign to hold on and rethink this ‘choice’ she was going to make. She loves her baby, this young woman told me, and can’t imagine life without her child.

I wish I knew more details; I wish I could tell the young mom in person that she’s my hero. What I do know is that this is #WhyWeMarch on May 8th. What I do know is that it is for people like this mom that we need to be willing to be a witness for life in our communities and on our campuses every day of the year.

So grab your family, friends, and club members, find a minivan or join a bus trip, and on May 8th, march like someone’s life depends upon it. Because it does.

Join National Campus Life Network and the Student Pro-Life Movement at one of our dinners following the March.

The 6th Annual Life & Justice Dinner at St. Theresa’s Church Hall in Ottawa (*note: not the Rose Dinner at the Hampton) and the Pro-Life Gala in Victoria, B.C.

NCLN will also be presenting a workshop at the Youth Conference on Friday May 9th.

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