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You are Created to LOVE and be LOVED

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Last December, NCLN staff and attendees of our Christmas Social in Toronto sent a Christmas card to Mary Wagner, who has been in jail since August 2012 for reaching out to women in crisis pregnancies. This woman is truly a hero as she has saved the lives of so many. 

The following is what Mary wrote to us in reply. We hope her words inspire you as you continue to dedicate your time and energy to this urgent cause. 

Dear Rebecca and friends of Life on campus,

Blessed and happy new year! Thank you so much for your lovely Christmas card and for your prayer and encouragement. It was a joy to hear from you. Though I was a student many years ago, I vividly remember the many challenges of public pro-life efforts on my U Vic campus. I will keep you in my prayers. Don’t be timid – you are involved because you cherish life and that each person is unique, priceless and created to love and be loved. It is a message everyone needs to hear. Your work among your peers is a genuine service (though some certainly do not see this). May Our Lord bless you abundantly as this new year unfolds. He is the Way, the Truth, the Life, and all LOVE.

God keep you,

Mary Wagner





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