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National Campus Life Network focuses on evidence-based and tested forms of activism in order to ensure that supporter's resources are used to the fullest extent of their ability.

In Canada, 300 unborn children are killed every day, that's 100 000 a year. That means that since the Morgentaler decision in 1988, every year about one in seven children has been killed before birth. Those are friends, family and loved ones who we will never know. 

So, the fight against abortion norms is incredibly important, and campuses are the best place to focus our efforts. It's on college-aged women that over one-third of all abortions will be performed. In the culturally similar United States, 71% of college graduates leave with a pro-choice mindset, that's 13% higher than the overall average. And these will be the leaders of tomorrow. So like every successful social movement in the past few centuries, we need to start on campuses.

Please, help support our efforts to end abortion in Canada. Lives depend on it.

The Bloody Sexism Project

The Bloody Sexism Project (BSP) is our latest activism project. BSP focuses on the sexism of sex-selective abortions in order to start a conversation on university campuses. 92% of Canadians oppose sex-selective abortion which makes it a great cause to support so that we can mainstream the pro-life point of view.

Your support will give banners, cards and training to campus activists.

Regional Coordinators

Regional coordinators are NCLN's on-the-ground workers. They are responsible for organizing and executing activist efforts alongside affiliated clubs and club leaders. They give apologetics training to club students and build leaders on campus through ongoing, weekly mentorship.

In-kind Donations

Do you want a different way to gift? We're introducing an in-kind donation option. We have linked this page to our wish list. Simply click on an image below to add that item to your cart on Amazon with our address details already entered. If you have one of these products or something similar and you simply want to mail it to us, send it to National Campus Life Network, 110-1247 Kilborn Pl. Ottawa, ON K1H 6K9

For many of these items it may be self-explanatory why we need them, but for others, it is less obvious. The camera, lapel mic and SD card are needed to create culturally relevant videos that can help to mainstream the pro-life worldview. The fire tablets and body cams are for campus activism. With tablets, we can show students videos like Dr. Levantino's descriptions of abortions at several stages of development. Body cams are needed to keep our activists safe, and aggressors accountable. At the moment, for safety's sake, one activist needs to be on camera duty when performing activism off-campus. If students had body cams, this would not be necessary and more activism could be performed.

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