The Vanguard: NCLN Symposium 2017


September 22-24, 2017
St. Augustine Seminary (2661 Kingston Rd., Toronto, ON)
Accommodations at Delta Hotels (2035 Kennedy Rd.)

Price: $199.00
Includes accommodation and meals.

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1. a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas.
2. a position at the forefront.
synonyms: front line; leaders, trailblazers, innovators, groundbreakers


Are you pro-life and a post-secondary student this year? If so, this conference is for you!

The NCLN Symposium is geared towards equipping you to be the best pro-life student leader imaginable. This 3-day bootcamp will train you in:

  • Effective campus activism that saves lives;
  • Strategic planning for your pro-life school year;
  • Leadership skills to lead your club effectively and efficiently.

You will also have the unique opportunity to network and connect with student leaders from across Canada, as well as leading members of the pro-life movement.

You are the pro-life movement on campus. To be an effective pro-life leader, you need to be equipped with the right tools and skills to face your campus and reach your peers in a life-changing way. Without you, your peers will not be challenged.

Without you, a pro-choice culture will continue to exist on your campus.

Are you ready to face your campus?

“There is no better way to become informed, motivated, encouraged and passionate about the pro-life movement."

- Anna-Marie R., Symposium 2016 Attendee


"In one word: Go."

- Josie L., Symposium 2014, 2015, and 2016 Attendee