Joanna Krawczynski

Operations Assistant

Joanna Krawczynski
When Joanna was growing up, she had on her mind that she would become a firefighter. Soon after, a teacher, and later, an international aid worker. Who would have thought that these dreams would be in large part fulfilled through full-time pro-life work!

Joanna sure didn’t.

In high school, her concern for human rights and bringing injustice to light sparked her efforts to organize a school-wide Vow of Silence, global issues awareness campaign, a letter drive and fundraisers. Heading into university, Joanna entered the International Studies Program at Trinity Western University, focusing on International Development.

At TWU, she had the opportunity to lead the pro-life club for two years, attend the NCLN Symposium for the first time, and receive mentorship from Anastasia Pearse, the Western Campus Coordinator at the time. This was a life-changing season – or rather, perspective-changing season – as the puzzle pieces of dreams and experience started to come together, bringing Joanna to the NCLN team in July 2015.

From 2015-2017, Joanna worked with fifteen campuses from British Columbia across to Manitoba, providing students with one-on-one mentorship, training, resources and networking opportunities. She now works in our Operations team to empower our staff team to be the heroes they are meant to be as they tackle one of the most serious human rights injustices of our time.

Joanna also enjoys speaking engagements with student clubs, youth groups, community groups, and recently delivered an address at BC’s 2016 March for Life in Victoria. From attending the March for Life as a curious highschooler to rallying the assembled as a full-time pro-lifer, Joanna is passionate about helping other young people to also move from “I could never…” to “Bring it on.”

Not all the puzzle pieces are in place yet – Joanna looks forward to seeing how her studies in French, heart for international travel, and love of dance will fit into her call to be a messenger of hope, changing hearts and minds to ultimately save lives.

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