Imagine living in a country…

where city officials enter your home for an evaluation, just days after you have given birth. You know it is coming. The life-or-death question: “Is it a girl-baby?”

Imagine that, if you answer “yes,” your daughter is taken from you and abandoned in a bucket to die.

Imagine being forced into ultrasound gender-testing, then forced to pay large sums of money if you are carrying a pre-born baby girl. You can’t pay? The consequence: an injection that would kill your child through a forced abortion.

Imagine having no power to stop the death of your daughter, your niece, your granddaughter.

These horrific events are happening all over the world – including in Canada, where we have no restrictions on sex-selective abortion, despite consensus among Canadians and medical professionals who have spoken out against this practice.

But there is good news: a whopping 92% of Canadians oppose sex-selective abortion.

If we can mobilize the 92% to join us in action against bloody sexism, our generation has a real chance of rescuing pre-born girls and reclaiming their dignity while furthering pre-born human rights for generations to come.

How? Enter The Bloody Sexism Project.

This brand-new project is designed like a Free Speech Board, engaging peers in a way that is highly visible and interactive. By bringing the Bloody Sexism Project to your campus, this is your opportunity to:

1. Move people to action, inviting peers to join the pro-life club and sign a petition to have sex-selective abortion discussed and ended in Canada.

2. Create a campus-wide conversation around sex-selection, bringing to light the victimization of pre-born girls through abortion.
3. Challenge pro-choice feminist narratives, exposing the consequences of dehumanizing the pre-born.

Bring this Project to your campus!

Contact your Campus Coordinator for more details and to order the project for your club. You will receive fresh-off-the-press resources including: a how-to guide, dialogue training manual, brand new activism cards and table banner.

Have any photos, testimonies, or feedback to share? We want to hear from you! Reach out to your Campus Coordinator or connect with us at

This project was realized in partnership and with the support of the Institute for Education on the Family.