Whether you want to advertise an event or educate your peers, chalking can be an excellent way to bring attention to pro-life issues. It’s also a great team-building activity, particularly when you have new members just starting to get involved!

*Be aware that it can be difficult to find sidewalk chalk during the school year (seriously), so try to stock up during the summer (i.e. prime sidewalk chalk season).


What You Need

People: 1+
Materials: chalk
Cost: $10
Training: N/A

Steps to Success:


    • 1) Check your campus policies on chalking. Some campuses consider chalking to be graffiti, whereas others allow it. Make note of other groups that chalk around campus - take pictures of the chalking and include the date, so if you're challenged by your university you can ensure you have the same treatment and freedoms as other clubs.
    • 2) Plan your message!
        • If you’re advertising an event, include: title, location, time, cost
        • Get your name out on campus: Human Rights for ALL Human Beings! @yourclubstwitteraccount #prolifecampus
        • Educate your peers. Some examples of messages to chalk could include:
            • What do North Korea and Canada have in common? #weneedalaw
            • Women deserve BETTER than abortion
            • 90% of down syndrome babies are aborted...Equal rights?
            • A new, unrepeatable HUMAN BEING from day one.
            • Other clubs have chalked hundreds of hearts with a message such as: “250 + lives lost to abortion every day.”
              (This is from the 2011 stats collected by CIHI.)
            • Advertise pregnancy resources: Pregnant? Need help? Call __________
    • 3) Buy chalk (Dollarama, Walmart).
    • 4) Check the weather forecast and pick a day to chalk.
    • 5) Set a time and location for meeting. Sunday afternoons and early mornings around 6:30am are ideal because there are few people on campus.
    • 6) Personally invite your club members and friends. Seek out the artistic members within your club and ask them to help!


  • 1) Delegate sections of your campus to different club members. Make use of sidewalk space and also classroom chalkboards! Take advantage of this opportunity to build new relationships by pairing newcomers with club veterans.
  • 2) Give each pair of chalkers a message and chalk.
  • 3) Get to it, and take pictures as you go!


  • 1) Post your pictures to social media and tag NCLN so we can share it with the Pro-Life Student Movement.
  • 2) Message your Campus Coordinator and let us know how it went!