Outreach Tables

Outreach Tables are a great way to:

  • Start conversations on these important issues;
  • Share information and resources with the student body;
  • Meet and recruit other pro-life students;
  • Share about your club and its activities.

Tables can also be used in conjunction with other events, such as:

  • Advertising for an event such as a debate, guest speaker, or documentary. (In general, always have the information for your next upcoming event available to hand out.)
  • Do the QA Project
  • Do a petition project

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What You Need:

People: 2+

  • Display Board
    • Make it eye-catching and ensure your club’s name and contact information is on it.
  • Pamphlets and Resources to distribute
  • Sign-Up Sheet
  • A card/pamphlet with the club’s information
  • Optional Items, depending on the type of table:

  • Fetal Models (from your local RTL organization to borrow)
  • Candy Facts
  • Cookies or other baked item
  • Cost: Minimal ($)
    Training: basic dialogue; reading a pro-life 101 handbook; sometime in the mirror to practice your smile and tone!

Steps to Success:


  • 1) Find people. Create a Doodle link to get people’s availability and ask members to complete it.
  • 2) Book that table and confirm the booking. Two hours is usually sufficient if only a few people are available, but if you have a number of members who are available, you can book it for longer and have people take shifts. If you have new club members volunteering, make sure to partner them up with more experienced members. It can also be helpful - although not necessary - to have both genders represented at the table.
  • 3) Send text/email reminders about the table to the club.
  • 4) Prep your display board, fetal models, candy, and/or cookies.


  • 5) Set up table.
  • 6) If a new club member is volunteering, take a couple minutes to coach them on how to engage with people in conversation and how to explain what the club is all about.
  • 7) Stand in front of your table and engage people in conversation as they pass by:
    “Hello! Have you heard of _____, the pro-life club on campus?”
    “Hi there! Would you like a cookie for your thoughts?”
    “Hey, how’s it going? Have a lollipop!”
    “What do you think of abortion?”
  • 8) Offer pamphlets and leaflets as people walk past, which they might take even if they don’t have time to stop and talk.
  • 9) Collect email addresses and contact information from pro-lifers who are interested in getting involved.
  • 10) Snap a few pictures of the table and your members to share on social media (be sure to tag NCLN!).
  • 11) Take down table.


  • 12) Debrief with members for a few minutes and take notes.
  • 13) Let NCLN know how the event went.