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The QA Project: Question Abortion

Standing in busy hallways and street corners, students engage their peers in dialogue about abortion, informing them of the state of abortion in Canada and challenging them to question the status quo of abortion in our country.

The QA Project uses 3 simple questions to ask students about their opinion on Canada’s current lack of abortion legislation:

- What do you think the current legal restrictions are on abortion in Canada?
- Do you think there should be restrictions on abortion in Canada?
- What restrictions would you suggest?

No abortion law exists in Canada - we are the world’s only democracy with a complete lack of protection for pre-born humans. We consistently hear that Canadians are not happy with this current lack of legislation, and want to see protection for the pre-born, at least at some point in pregnancy.

Through the QA Project questionnaire, website, and postcards, students are challenging their peers to work towards the complete protection of preborn children in Canada and are informing Canadians that they have an important role to play as we ensure that human rights are given to all human beings, including the preborn.

Human rights are for all human beings, no matter their age, race, gender, or religion.

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"We should do this every week!" - student at University of Saskatchewan


"That was the best hour of my life!" - student at uOttawa