UOttawa - Sept. 12th 2018 (BSP) #2

I asked a girl what she thought about sex-selective abortion. She responded: “That happened super long ago, but not now”. After explaining this still happens in Canada and informing her of the absence of law on abortion in our country, she was really surprised. Again, I asked her what she thought about it. She immediately said it was bad. She said there should at least be some regulation/limit, like after 1 month. After telling her the heart starts beating at 21 days, she suggested that should be the limit. I then explained that before 21 days is a unique human that has never existed before. I asked if she agreed in human rights, which she did. “Then shouldn't human rights apply to all human beings?”, I asked. She agreed and concluded abortion should not be legal. She then gave me her contact info and hopes to come to the discussion group.