UAlberta - Sept. 12th 2018 #1

Two pro-choice students approached our outreach table and were curious about what we believed as pro-lifers. They didn't agree with our stance, but wanted to know where we stand. They asked if we believe abortion should be punishable by death. I told them a woman should never be punished for having an abortion if she doesn't know that it is murder. On the other hand, abortion providers who have full knowledge of their actions should face some sort of consequences for them. One other thing I was asked was whether or not I would stay friends with a person who had an abortion. I told them that I have two friends who have had abortions, and I'm still friends with them today. In fact, I made sure I met up with one of them after her procedure to check in on how she was doing and to see if she was doing alright. We told them about the three arms of the pro-life movement, and that we want to end abortion by showing people the reality of abortion and supporting and empowering women so they don't need to resort to ending the life of their child. Although they did not change their stance on abortion, they left knowing that the pro-life movement is one that is compassionate and caring - and pro-woman.