UAlberta - Sept. 12th 2018 #2

A woman came up to us and looked at the contents at our table. We asked her if she had any thoughts, and she said she was more pro-abortion. She didn't seem open to sharing too much, so I decided to share; I told her about a conversation we had with two pro-choice students who asked us if post-abortive women should be arrested, and told her the response I gave. No woman who has an abortion believes she is committing murder, so she shouldn't be punished for that. She then shared that her mother had an abortion, and that she herself was born very premature. She said one of the doctors didn't want to save her. We told her that it's horrible to hear that the doctor didn't want to save her. I told her that her perspective is a unique one that is interesting. I invited her to come to our discussion tables on campus and join the conversation from her point of view.