UWaterloo- Sept. 25th 2018 #1

I spoke to a young man named Leo asking him about his opinion on sex-selective abortion. He told me it was absolutely disgusting and he couldn't believe it happens in Canada. I then asked him if he thought there was any reason for an abortion and he said generally no but a woman who has been raped should be allowed the choice. We talked about how rape is an awful evil thing and how women who have been assaulted need support. We also talked about how abortion can't make a rape go away. And then I asked him "If the pre-born are human, would an abortion be ok?" He told me no it wouldn't be. So I asked him "Are the preborn human?" He started to say something about a heartbeat and then stopped and said "I'm a science student, I need to be intellectually honest with myself. Life begins at conception, abortion is always wrong, even in cases of rape."