UWaterloo- Sept. 25th 2018 #1

“What do you think about sex-selective abortion?” I asked two girls walking down the street.
“What?” they asked.
As soon as I explained, they responded, “No, that’s wrong– you can’t do that to a baby just because it’s a girl.”
I asked them what they thought about abortion in general. They brought up that a woman should have the right to choose – if she couldn’t afford to have a child, for instance. I gave the example of a toddler and whether the woman should have the right to choose to kill her two-year-old if she was poor. “No,” they laughed at the obvious answer. “But it’s different,” they insisted; “what if the child is going to have a lifetime of suffering?” I answered their question, and they brought up other things: rape, the life of the mother, consciousness… and every time I answered their objection their expression changed as they realized their reasons for abortion didn’t stand, and went on to the next one. Though they didn't agree on the spot that abortion was wrong, the conversation clearly made them think and we parted with a smile.