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University of Toronto Students for Life: Another Grim Anniversary

This post was written for University of Toronto Students for Life by matthewcram412. It does not necessarily represent the views of NCLN.

Canada has gone another year without coming to its senses on the issue of abortion. As many of you know, January 28 is the 23rd anniversary of the Morgentaler case that legalised abortion on demand in Canada, making us the only country in the western world to have no abortion law at all. A combination of public ignorance at the state of our laws, and a series of cowardly parliaments, have allowed this decision to go unchallenged in Canada, letting millions of unborn children’s lives be tragically ended for the crime of not being able to defend themselves. However today is another anniversary, far more likely to get swept under the rug, because this is the anniversary of the day that information on abortion was swept under the rug. That’s right, today is the 5th anniversary of the last time a public report was published about the condition of abortions in this country. 5 years ago, the government of Canada decided that Canada didn’t need pesky information like how many abortions took place every year, or medical complications resulting from them, or any such information because of… you know… choice. Meanwhile, as recently as a year ago, newspaper headlines were proudly proclaiming abortion rate drops while using 5-year-old data!  Of course it’s not surprising why the government does not want us to know these new numbers. After all, in times of economic hardship, abortion rates tend to rise, as we have seen in our neighbour to the south, New York City, which this past year in its abortion study reported a shocking 41% abortion rate per live birth. But by all means, Globe And Mail, tell us that abortion rates are dropping as of 2006, and while you’re at it tell us that stock prices are skyrocketing as of 1929. This is unfortunately another situation where we are not just fighting to end abortion, but we are fighting for the right to talk about it against forces whose biggest ally is ignorance, and a government which wants us to spend yet another year pretending that abortion simply does not exist.

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