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Baggy Clothes and Baby Bumps: Day 1 of our Campus Campaign

by Anastasia Pearse, NCLN Western Campus Coordinator

She has to wear baggy clothes on campus, she told us. Because, as a pregnant student, she feels the stigma and felt embarrassed by the looks she received whenever her clothes revealed her growing belly.YNRL

She had stopped by our event with her boyfriend, intrigued by the images of the campaign that featured a young mom, her baby, and the title You’ll Never Regret Loving This Much. They were immediately interested in the community support for pregnant women that we mentioned; they hadn’t yet heard about the kind of resources that crisis pregnancy centres and organizations like Birthright can offer. That’s when they told us that they were pregnant.

They weren’t the only pregnant students we encountered yesterday at Simon Fraser University. We also met a student whose wife is 6 months pregnant. He was able to speak with a volunteer from a resource centre and will now be able to get the support he needs. Who knows how many other students we reached through our conversations and distribution of resources! Students drawn to the campaign also wanted to contribute, adding donations to a fund that will go towards supporting pregnant women in the community.


This event at SFU with SFU Lifeline is only one part of a campus tour NCLN has coordinated for British Columbia campuses this week. The resources feature information about what support exists in the community and are from LifeCanada’s You’ll Never Regret Loving This Much campaign. Through this partnership with LifeCanada, we are getting this critical information to the demographic that needs it so desperately. The campaign also features young moms sharing their personal stories of choosing life, even under difficult circumstances, in public places on campus.

Day 1 of this campaign revealed, yet again, why pro-life clubs are so essential on our campuses: we need to ensure that students get the information and support that they need – information and contacts we were able to provide to the pregnant students we encountered yesterday (and many more). We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store!

For more information on the other campuses this campaign will be visiting, click here.

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Not too Cool for School

(School is actually cool.. we just wanted a catchy title..)

While some people take off some time for vacation in the summer, Anastasia Pearse heads into the classroom for the month of July. Despite working full-time as the Western Campus Coordinator of NCLN, Anastasia also is completing a Masters of Arts degree in Leadership, specializing in not-for-profit work, at Trinity Western University in Langley B.C.


She is entering her second year of the program and it has proved to be a great fit for her, allowing her to learn and study more about leadership in not-for-profit organizations as well as directly applying that knowledge to her work with NCLN.

This masters program, part-time during the year, involves a full month of classes in July.  Anastasia is still checking her emails, but is technically on “vacation” so don’t panic if you can’t reach her immediately.

Don’t forget that you can reach NCLN’s staff in the Toronto office: 416 483 7869

                Clarissa Luluquisin, Central Campus Coordinator, central@ncln.ca

                Rebecca Richmond, Executive Director, director@ncln.ca

                Kathleen Dunn, Communications Intern, kathleen@ncln.ca

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Kwantlen Student Association Rescinds Earlier Decision and Grants Pro-Life Club Status


Kwantlen Student Association Rescinds Earlier Decision and Grants Pro-Life Club Status

LANGLEY, B.C. (December 6 2012) – In the midst of preparing to file a lawsuit against their student association for discrimination, the pro-life student group at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in B.C. has been granted full club status.

The Runner, the Kwantlen student newspaper, reported that the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) reversed its earlier decision during a two-hour in-camera session on December 5th, and has now granted Protectores Vitae (Protectors of Life) formal status as a campus club. The specific content of any motions from the meeting was not made available, nor was the record of how the individual board members voted. Oliver Capko, the president of Protectores Vitae, was contacted later that evening by Christopher Girodat, the Chairperson of the KSA Executive Committee, who informed him of the decision.

“I am relieved that the issue has been resolved,” said Oliver. “After working towards this all semester, it is great to finally be accepted and treated like other clubs on campus.”

This decision by the Kwantlen Student Association was a reversal of its November 9th decision, which rejected the group’s application on the grounds that it conflicted with the student union’s pro-choice policy on abortion. Protectores Vitae secured legal representation from the Justice Centre, and demanded that the student association rescind their decision and, when the KSA did not, Protectores Vitae prepared to file a lawsuit.

“The Justice Centre has invested a lot of time in legal research and preparing the court documents, but we are happy that it will not be necessary to commence a court action against this discrimination,” stated Calgary lawyer John Carpay, President of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

“This has not been the first time such discrimination against pro-life groups has happened on university campuses,” commented Anastasia Pearse on behalf of the National Campus Life Network. “We hope that other student associations will learn from Kwantlen’s example so that this won’t happen again.”

The students of Protectores Vitae, who are currently in the midst of exam season, plan to begin club activities on campus in the New Year.

“Now that we no longer have to fight against discrimination, we can actually focus on why we wanted to start this club in the first place,” said Oliver. “It’s important that bioethical issues, like abortion, are raised on campus and we look forward to being part of that conversation here at Kwantlen.”


For media requests, please contact:

John Carpay, President, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, 403-619-8014 or jcarpay@jccf.ca

Anastasia Pearse, National Campus Life Network, westerncanada@ncln.ca, 604 365 3484

Oliver Capko, President Protectores Vitae, kwantlenprotectoresvitae@hotmail.com, http://kwantlenprotectoresvitae.ncln.ca/

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Pro-Life Students to Take Kwantlen Student Association to Court for Discrimination


Pro-Life Students to Take Kwantlen Student Association to Court for Discrimination

LANGLEY, B.C. (December 3 2012) – Protectores Vitae, the pro-life group at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, has announced that it will be taking the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA) to court after the KSA failed to rescind the decision that denied the group the right to exist on campus.

Court documents are expected to be completed and filed the week of December 10-14. These documents will be made available on the club’s website after having been filed at court.

“After discussion amongst Protectores Vitae members, we have decided to move forward with the lawsuit,” said Oliver Capko, president of the pro-life student group. “It is unfortunate that we have to sue our own student representatives in order to secure equal and fair treatment on campus.”

Legal representation for the Kwantlen Student Association did bring forward an offer to grant Protectores Vitae status as a “recognized group” but not campus club status on par with 33 other clubs. Recognized group status is granted to religious and political party groups, or those that exist to support a specific external organization. Clubs, on the other hand, can be academic, athletic, social, cultural “or other purpose that seeks to enrich the extracurricular lives of students through their time at Kwantlen University,” according to the KSA Clubs Package.

“We are an autonomous group, without affiliation to any other external organization,” stated Oliver Capko. “We are not religious, nor are we political. Our activities would lead to consideration of bio-ethical issues at Kwantlen, which would surely enrich the extracurricular experience of students. That is why we applied for club status and not for recognized group status.”

“Student unions need to recognize and fund all student groups, or none of them. The student union politicians have no legal authority to fund only groups that they like and agree with, while denying funding to groups they disagree with,” stated Oliver Capko’s lawyer, John Carpay.


For media requests, please contact:
John Carpay, President, Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, 403-619-8014 or jcarpay@jccf.ca

Oliver Capko, President Protectores Vitae, kwantlenprotectoresvitae@hotmail.com, http://kwantlenprotectoresvitae.ncln.ca/


Image taken from the National Post article: 


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Life on the Pro-Life Track

Anastasia Pearse is a hurdler. Not only did she overcome obstacles as a student leader at the University of Victoria, but, as NCLN’s Western Campus Coordinator, she has supported and assisted pro-life students across western Canada as they bring the pro-life message to their campuses. Oh, and she also literally jumps hurdles.

This summer, Anastasia starts a Masters of Leadership program at Trinity Western University. This program is a great fit for Anastasia, allowing her to further explore various aspects of leadership as they apply to non-profit organizations while complementing her ongoing full-time work with NCLN.

In addition to studying, Anastasia will also be competing for the Trinity Western Spartan’s Track and Field team. Aside from being a busy pro-life activist, Anastasia trains and competes at a competitive level in track and field, specializing in the 400m hurdles. Her accomplishments on the track include being part of the BC team for 5 years and coming 3rd in the 400m hurdle race at the national championships in 2010.

In a press release from Trinity Western University last month, Spartans coach Laurier Primeau praised Anastasia’s experience, both on and off the field. “Anastasia brings multiple gifts to Trinity Western, not the least of which is experience,” he said. “As a new program we are very heavy with freshman and sophomores, so to add someone of Anastasia’s calibre with multiple years of varsity track and field under her belt is great from both an athletic and leadership perspective. Her not-for-profit work and versatility in sprints and hurdles gives Trinity Western an incredibly well rounded student-athlete.”

Supporting Anastasia in NCLN’s Western Office is Kathleen Dunn, recently hired to work part-time in our western office. Kathleen will also be continuing her studies at Trinity Western University.

We are excited for Anastasia to have the opportunity to combine her passion for leadership and her talents in athletics with her pro-life work with NCLN. We will be cheering her on as she clears the hurdles of track as well as those of pro-life activism.


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New Staff at National Campus Life Network!

National Campus Life Network is pleased to announce that we have hired additional staff for two new positions within the organization.  The new full-time Central Campus Coordinator will work directly with the Ontario campus clubs and the part-time Western Assistant will strengthen our Western Office. These positions will allow us to more effectively support the pro-life message on Canadian campuses and have a greater impact on Canadian campuses.

Clarissa Luluquisin, who graduated from the University of Toronto in 2011, will be taking on the new Central Campus Coordinator position.  As the former President of the U of T Students for Life, she is enthusiastic about her new role supporting students across the province.  Since graduation she has also been active in volunteering for Toronto Right to Life and NCLN.

Kathleen Dunn, a recent graduate from Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy, is our new Western Assistant, and will be working part-time in B.C. with Anastasia Pearse, our Western Campus Coordinator.  Kathleen was the President of the Academy’s Pro-Life club for the past two years and also assisted in the coordination of last year’s De-Fund Abortion Rally in Toronto.  A recording artist, she has performed for events across Canada, including the National March for Life.  This upcoming school year Kathleen will be studying Theology at Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C.

The Assistant position was created to support Anastasia Pearse, who, along with her position as Western Campus Coordinator, will be starting a Masters in Leadership at Trinity Western University.  The Masters in Leadership program will equip Anastasia to support the continued strategic growth of NCLN.

Your help is needed

Both new positions are dependent on successful fundraising on the part of the new staff, and Kathleen and Clarissa will be looking for individuals to join them in their work as part of their support teams.  Please consider joining their support team by making a donation today.  Your support will lead to a stronger pro-life presence on campuses across Canada!

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Pro-Life Rally in Victoria to “Speak for Life”

Pro-Life Rally in Victoria to “Speak for Life.”


On May 10th, Pro-Life British Columbians from across the province will march to the Legislature in the 5th Annual March for Life in Victoria.  With the abortion issue receiving such prominent attention in the media lately, organizers expect a large turnout this year.  This year’s theme, “SPEAK UP FOR LIFE,” challenges all British Columbians to raise their voice for the protection of the lives of the unborn.

Recent news stories about gender selection abortion and designer babies, and the current Parliamentary Motion calling for a committee to review the Criminal Code’s definition of a human being, have all drawn much needed attention to this issue. “The attention these issues have received, and polling data results, clearly show that Canadians are concerned by the complete lack of restrictions on abortion,” said March for Life media spokesperson, Anastasia Pearse.

“Our intention here today is to peacefully and prayerfully bring attention to the victims of abortion in our province,” she added. “We want to raise awareness and ask people to think before they choose abortion. They need to know the facts and be fully informed of all of the risks before they make these life changing decisions.”

The March for Life is organized to be a celebration of lives saved as well as a commemoration of lives lost. In BC, despite a severe lack of transparency in abortion record keeping, it is estimated that over 14,000 abortions are performed every year. “As tax-paying citizens, our money is being used to fund these abortions,” states Pearse. “We are marching today to speak out against this atrocity, to speak up for those 14,000 British Columbians who never had the chance to speak for themselves. We cannot remain silent when so many lives are at stake.”

This year’s March for Life is part of a national day of marches across the country. The BC March is co-sponsored by the Knights of Columbus BC & Yukon State and Campaign Life Coalition British Columbia. The March begins at 2:00pm in Centennial Square.

For more information, contact:


Anastasia Pearse,

March for Life Media Relations





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March for Life 2012

Tomorrow, tens of thousands of pro-lifers from across Canada will march for life, assembling at their provincial and national legislatures in protest of the injustice of abortion. NCLN and its students will be at many of these events.

There were over 15,000 gathered at last year’s National March for Life in Ottawa, and NCLN hopes to see even more at this year’s event. You can find the NCLN group on the right lawn – look for our banner or that of uOttawa Students for Life! After the March there are many other events to be involved in. NCLN is hosting our annual student dinner, which is SOLD OUT! If you didn’t get a ticket this year, don’t worry, there is always next year! Executive Director, Rebecca Richmond is also speaking to hundreds of students at the youth conference on Friday.

If you are unable to attend the National March, there are regional Marches across the country that may be closer to home for you. Visit Campaign Life Coalition to find out where the March for Life is taking place in your community.

NCLN will also have a presence in two other locations. Sara Hall, as the Maritime Campus Coordinator, will be in Halifax to speak at their March, and at the other end of the country, Anastasia, our Western Campus Coordinator, will be speaking to the crowds at the March for Life in Victoria, BC. If you can find us at any of these three locations come say “Hi” – we would love to meet you!


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