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NCLN Symposium Testimony: Jonathon Van Maren

Jonathon Van Maren

Attended symposium as a student in 2009

Graduated from Simon Fraser University

Currently works as the Communications Director for the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

I was new to the pro-life movement when I decided to attend NCLN’s Symposium, having just been elected president of SFU’s pro-life club. What I realized when I arrived at the Symposium in Toronto was that my little pro-life club wasn’t just a pocket of student activists. It was part of a growing movement, with the infrastructure for that movement being provided by NCLN. I met students from across the country, many of whom I would later develop a personal relationship with. I met pro-life leaders like Jojo Ruba and Dr. John Patrick, who lent us their insight and suggested concrete things for us to do to save lives on our own campus. And most importantly, the Symposium gave me the confidence to go back to my campus and attack the challenges that we faced.

As a number of others who attended the 2009 Symposium, I now work full time in the pro-life movement to EndtheKilling in Canada. It is because of NCLN and the encouragement, resources and connections they provided that I was able to realize that my calling was to work in the pro-life movement. I cannot recommend this Symposium highly enough.

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Life on the Pro-Life Track

Anastasia Pearse is a hurdler. Not only did she overcome obstacles as a student leader at the University of Victoria, but, as NCLN’s Western Campus Coordinator, she has supported and assisted pro-life students across western Canada as they bring the pro-life message to their campuses. Oh, and she also literally jumps hurdles.

This summer, Anastasia starts a Masters of Leadership program at Trinity Western University. This program is a great fit for Anastasia, allowing her to further explore various aspects of leadership as they apply to non-profit organizations while complementing her ongoing full-time work with NCLN.

In addition to studying, Anastasia will also be competing for the Trinity Western Spartan’s Track and Field team. Aside from being a busy pro-life activist, Anastasia trains and competes at a competitive level in track and field, specializing in the 400m hurdles. Her accomplishments on the track include being part of the BC team for 5 years and coming 3rd in the 400m hurdle race at the national championships in 2010.

In a press release from Trinity Western University last month, Spartans coach Laurier Primeau praised Anastasia’s experience, both on and off the field. “Anastasia brings multiple gifts to Trinity Western, not the least of which is experience,” he said. “As a new program we are very heavy with freshman and sophomores, so to add someone of Anastasia’s calibre with multiple years of varsity track and field under her belt is great from both an athletic and leadership perspective. Her not-for-profit work and versatility in sprints and hurdles gives Trinity Western an incredibly well rounded student-athlete.”

Supporting Anastasia in NCLN’s Western Office is Kathleen Dunn, recently hired to work part-time in our western office. Kathleen will also be continuing her studies at Trinity Western University.

We are excited for Anastasia to have the opportunity to combine her passion for leadership and her talents in athletics with her pro-life work with NCLN. We will be cheering her on as she clears the hurdles of track as well as those of pro-life activism.


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$1500 Grant Now Available for Pro-Life Campus Groups

NCLN is pleased to announce the creation of a new grant of $1500.00, to be awarded each year to a deserving campus club!  This grant is  sponsored by The Interim (Canada’s Life & Family Newspaper) and Niagara Region Right to Life, and facilitated by National Campus Life Network.

The purpose of this grant is to recognize the work of pro-life clubs and assist them in their efforts on campuses.  The grant will be given to the group whose event proposal demonstrates creativity, planning, and leadership and will have a substantial impact on the university culture.

Applications, which include the completed event proposal and a tentative budget, are to be submitted to NCLN by Sept 2nd .  The decision will be made by the Grant Sponsors, with recommendations from National Campus Life Network’s staff who work with the groups throughout the year.  The grant of $1500.00 would be presented to representatives from the winning group during NCLN’s Annual National Symposium (Sept 30 – Oct 2) in Toronto.

Students – take advantage of this opportunity!

Contact Rebecca Richmond at director@ncln.ca for an application.   Applications are to be submitted to NCLN by Sept 2nd, 2011.

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NCLN is twitterpated

by Rebecca Richmond, NCLN Executive Director

Wanted: Followers.

NCLN is now on twitter so look us up and follow us to stay on top of all the exciting happenings in the Campus Pro-Life Movement. Whether it’s an interesting article or breaking news, whether it’s me getting lost trying to find a Campus during one of my visits or a noteworthy encounter, you’ll want to keep an eye on @ncln.

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